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    In the last few years, the safety and security of private swimming areas has become an increasingly discussed topic, with more and more people talking about how they can properly install fencing in order to provide better security for their pool. Finding the perfect fencing system is the best way to ensure that you avoid any kind of accident involving your pool, and make sure that the entire area is safe for children and animals. Frameless glass pool fence designs are some of the preferred choices for homeowners wishing to increase security around their pool. There are several reasons why people should consider adding glass pool fencing to their pool when they are thinking about additional security features.Get additional information at frameless glass.

    Why glass is best for security

    There are several reasons why it is important to properly apply security to your swimming area, and why glass is the best way to do so. Firstly, a frameless glass fence can offer you security and protection, allowing you a great view of the water without affecting its first purpose as a barrier. Having the ability to view all around the pool at all times means that you can keep an eye on people using the pool, reducing the impact of accidents and preventing potential injuries. The glass fencing uses tempered glass, which means that it is particularly strong, up to 5 times as strong as standard window glass. In addition, if it should happen to break, then it will fall into small harmless pieces and not the shards typical of standard glass. In addition, the glass can be shaped to fit neatly into difficult corners, ensuring that you get a tight and secure fit for your barrier.


    Why glass is best for durability

    One of the reasons why so many homeowners choose to use a glass pool fence barrier on the Gold Coast is due to the durability of this type of offence. The major problem with using wood or metal barriers is that they are susceptible to water. Usually, a swimming pool contains water all year round, and so the barriers need to be made of materials that can stand up to regular soaking is without damage. Glass fences are the perfect solution for this requirement. Another important factor is that the glass pool fences are extremely durable, resistant to corrosion and wind, and other shocks which would cause stress to less durable barriers.

  • The frameless glass patio doors system has been based on the glass curtains method of using separate panels that slide and pivot, interlocking likes jigsaw pieces when closed. When fully open, the doors are stored to the side of the opening, similar to stacking bifolds.

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